Sunday, June 21, 2020

Keep an Eye on Iowa

I noticed Iowa Democratic senatorial candidate Theresa Greenfield waaay back last August, mainly because her introductory video really impressed me. Apparently, it impressed a lot of Iowa Democrats too, because Greenfield won the Democratic primary for US Senate on June 2, and now she's polling ahead of incumbent Republican Joni Ernst, who was on no one's list of endangered Republican incumbents.

I believe Greenfield is out-farm-girling Joni Ernst, who liked to brag she could castrate a hog when she initially ran for the Senate. Turns out she can't even stand up to the biggest hog who ever planted his butt in the White House. Meanwhile, Greenfield is likable and relatable:

If 2020 is trending like it most certainly is trending, then Joni Ernst could wake up out of a job on November 4, with the US Senate back in Democratic hands.

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