Friday, June 05, 2020

Meanwhile, In North Carolina Tim Moore and Some Bar Owners Compete for Title "Stupidest Human Beings on Earth"

Coronavirus is still raging in North Carolina and shows signs of accelerating. Yesterday the state posted the highest daily increase in cases ever, making Governor Cooper's caution about allowing 19,000 Republican ass-kissers to crowd into the Charlotte Spectrum Center in August look pretty reasonable.

Tim Moore.
Why is this man laughing?
Meanwhile, NC House Speaker Tim Moore and Rep. John Torbett are the main sponsors of an actual law to force the governor to allow 19,000 Republican ass-kissers to fill every seat in the Spectrum Center in August, because of course.

And a group of NC bar owners want their piece of helping to spread COVID-19. They've filed a law suit to force the governor to open them up. There are plenty of barflies willing to do their part to spread the virus.

Although Twitterman has stalked off in a huff over Governor Cooper's refusal to guarantee a full arena for his renomination, the executive committee running the Republican National Convention is being much more reasonable. They're proposing to do a scaled-down convention in Charlotte which would handle the essential business, like taking the vote on Trump's renomination, while planning Trump's acceptance spectacle is some other state, likely one with a toady Republican governor. This sounds like a kind of win-win for Charlotte -- increased convention business without the presence of Twitterman and the protests his presence are likely to inspire.

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Red Hornet said...

Charlotte bar owners and human traffickers need Trumpublickin dough.