Friday, June 12, 2020

Caesar Demands It

So it's official. About 300 Republicans will be in Charlotte on Monday, August 24, to count the party's paperclips (but really to avoid a lawsuit over breach of contract with the City of Charlotte), but then everyone will decamp for Jacksonville, Florida, where Trump will pack 15,000 people who are guaranteed to be immune to COVID-19 into the VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena, where they can grow hoarse from yelling their approval for the Great Coronavirus Denier. 

Masks will be socially unacceptable accessories, like wearing white after Labor Day.

It's a fever dream fit for the last days of the Empire.


Anonymous said...

All the warm weather will have made it go away like magic, dontcha know?

Red Hornet said...

Bring on the gladiators (send National Guard to mass murder in Seattle) and the chariot races (NASCAR).
(I'm sending Sloppy Joe some of them iron on knee patches.) Trump can't even kneel in church without a patient lift standing by.
His bone spurs gouge his back pockets. His whole head resembles a fallen cake. When I see his commercials I observe a drugged up psychopath. And yet when I review Facebook I find relatives and former friends re-posting lurid propaganda and racism and worshipping this fast fading demagogue. Mercifully Warren G. Harding died on a train trip, and Hitler was taken down a few notches by Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg. Is is possible Jared Kushner could go all John Hinckley if Trump fires him? Jared looks and acts the part. There are so many apparent mental patients surrounding Trump.

Mike said...

I'm sure the delegates will gladly sign health waivers, too

Anonymous said...

They could carry picket signs. Apparently some believe that protesting, looting and picketing gives you some sort of immunity. I didn't see Jerry bitching about the crowds on King street without masks and huddled together.