Saturday, June 06, 2020

The Work of Former Republican Operatives Targeting Trump

Former Republican ad-makers have been turning their dark arts on the sitting president. The most recent I've seen is from a group calling itself Republican Voters Against Trump, with Mike Murphy (who worked on messaging for both John McCain and Mitt Romney) providing the inventive juices for "The Panic Room" (below). I wasn't able to find the ad itself for embedding here, but Brian Williams played it in its entirely last night:

The other group of Republican conservatives are the guys behind the Lincoln Project (Bill Kristol and Rick Wilson among them), who've put out a series of sharp jabs. Here are just three:


Mike said...

If these ads keep up Democrats can concentrate down-ballot.

Red Hornet said...

I wonder where the Lady G stuff about Lindsey Graham is going, all the male sex workers with their nondisclosure agreements.
As George and Jerry used to say on Seinfeld,"... not that there's anything wrong with it."