Sunday, March 24, 2013

When You Want to Send the Worst, Send a Conspiracy Theorist

Buddy Collins
Shades of Dianna Lightfoot, the woman who hated childhood education but was nominated to head up the McCrory administration's department of childhood education.

Gov. Pat McCrory has nominated one A.L. "Buddy" Collins for a seat on the state Board of Education. Buddy Collins is an attorney, a member of the Forsyth County Board of Education, and also an accomplished conspiracy theorist whose recent exertions on behalf of school kids socialists-in-the-schools paranoia have received full press coverage here and here and here. (Collins comes fully into play in the 2nd and 3rd of those souces, but you'll have to read the 1st to understand the context for the other two.)

Collins appears to be swimming in that thick, cholesterol-laden fantasy that the United Nations is trying to snatch all our children for reeducation into their "Agenda 21." Did you know, for example, that anyone who uses the word "sustainable" (or any of its derivations) is giving the secret code for the World Wide Socialist Plot to seize your guns and make you bow down to multiculturalism?

Agenda 21 has become something of a drumbeat among our local Watauga County conspiracy theorists. It showed up among the resolutions headed to the floor of the Republicans' County Convention last week and was either shunted aside by Congresswoman Virginia Foxx (who now passes for a dangerous moderate among some) or was passed by unanimous voice vote. I forget which.

And there is now a regular at County Commission meetings who takes her three minutes of "public comment" at the end of each meeting to lecture the commissioners on the dangers of sustainability. Did you know, incidentally, that bicycle lanes are a plot by the United Nations to take over county governments?

Here's a conspiracy for you (to tide you over 'til supper): Gov. McCrory and the new Republican majority in the NC General Assembly have embarked on a thorough dismantling of public education in this state.

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