Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Madeline Carter Calls Virginia Foxx a "Tyrant"

For her behavior at the Watauga County Republican Convention last Saturday, Congresswoman Virginia Foxx gets scolded.


Anonymous said...

Ms Carter would have a little more credibility if she had actually been in attendance at the convention.

Her version of events is not what happened. But, it's worth repeating here since it attacks Congresswoman Foxx.

bettywhite said...

What did Madame Foxx actually say? There are no quotes from her, and the letter is mostly Ms. Carter's opinion on what happened. Oh well. Ms. Carter is apparently one of those people who is never going to be happy, no matter what the circumstances.

Anonymous said...

Several people in attendance were carefully interviewed and there were previous news accounts. And over several years, Foxx has been virtually inaccessible to most of her constituents.

And since the convention required registration as a Republican, Carter would have been barred, because Carter re-registered in the Fall of 2004 as "unaffiliated".

And maybe people like Carter have learned over the decades that both parties are very corrupt, etc, even treasonous, and most public officials are condescending and unresponsive to their people.

Stay tuned.

Bull Frog Farting said...

Why does "anonymous" sound so much like Carter?

Dem12 said...

"Why does "anonymous" sound so much like Carter?"

There's a simple explanation for that, Bull Frog! :-)

Anonymous said...

You might be right, TA.