Thursday, March 21, 2013

Gov. McCrory: Let's Squeeze the University System Until the Thrashing Stops

You'll perhaps recall Gov. Pat McCrory's honest opinion about liberal arts education. He and his budget director, Art Pope, are putting that philosophy into action in their proposed budget for the state of North Carolina.

The Pope Budget, unveiled yesterday morning, proposes to slash the University of North Carolina system budget by $135 million. That's on top of the $400 million cut in the last Republican budget two years ago.

"I am very concerned by the magnitude of the new cuts proposed for our campuses," said UNC President Tom Ross. "I worry about the impact additional reductions will have on our ability to provide high-quality educational opportunities to our residents and to assist in North Carolina’s economic recovery."

Get used to it, educators. The Republican radicals in charge of this state think even less of you than they do of our cities.

In a highly charged partisan atmosphere, the Republican bullies in the General Assembly yesterday also tossed out all the Democratic members of the University's Board of Governors, replacing them with Republicans.

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