Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Way To Think of Voter Fraud: Don't Think About Voter Fraud

Thom Tillis yesterday admitted that voter fraud was not the reason for doing a voter photo ID law in North Carolina. Rather (and if we understand his backward-flip, a.k.a., line of reasoning), he and his new Republican majority are doing voter photo ID so that his people won't worry about a non-existent problem any more.

Because Republicans everywhere always worry about the people who are voting who don't look exactly like Republicans.

Believe me, the minute they lose another election, no matter how many pieces of photo ID we all have to produce to exercise our rights, they'll be alleging fraud. They think that if just the "right" people vote, they'll always win. It's the wrong people who cause problems.

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Henery said...

Tillis said it wasn't actually about voter fraud but about making Republicans feel "comfortable" about the process.

So the state of NC is poised to spend millions to make Republicans feel comfortable!

Someone please tell me where the Republican reputation for good fiscal management came from.