Friday, March 01, 2013

A GOPer Cautions His Party in the NC General Assembly

Rep. John Blust of Guilford County (brother of David Blust of Watauga County) warned his colleagues about hubris on the floor of the NC House yesterday.

Republican leaders were in the process of rushing through the bill to simply fire all the existing members of several important regulatory commissions and boards. Blust complained about the rush, the failure to follow procedure, the arrogance that has been a feature of the General Assembly since early in January:

"I don’t like this idea, 'Well we have the power, let’s go ahead and do it,' " he said. "Just because we have power we need to be judicious with it. I wish we would be more careful with it."

"The people have the right to yank us in two years and put someone else in," he added.

Video of Blust's remarks:

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