Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dan Soucek and the Charter School Gravy Train

In May of 2012, Dan Soucek accepted an all-expenses paid "educational" trip to Florida from a big Charter School industry honcho, and lo and behold, Soucek introduces a bill in the North Carolina General Assembly to flatten impediments in this state to further privatizing education.

Earlier this morning, the same man who paid for that Florida trip for Mr. Soucek and who is also an executive with the North Carolina Charter School Association, was up testifying before the Senate Education Committee on Mr. Soucek's bill, and who woulda guessed? He agrees that oversight of Charter Schools should be removed entirely from the State Board of Education, which otherwise oversees all public education in the state.

Falling dominoes, folks. Do you see where this is headed?

The dissolution of public education in this state is intimately entwined in Mr. Soucek's push to deregulate charter schools.

Also generated at the hearing this morning in the Senate Education Committee, this tweet: "Sponsor of charter de-reg bill admits that segregation is unavoidable and okay with him." We haven't discovered yet if that "sponsor" was Soucek or one of his co-sponsors. And does it, finally, even matter? We know exactly where Mr. Soucek wants to take this state's education system.

WRAL coverage of the hearing this morning.


Anonymous said...

Competition is good for everything, including education.

Dem12 said...

Yeah, competition has really brought down the price of health care, hasn't it?

celtive said...

There IS no competition in health care.

I think it's great. Hell...make ALL public education charter schools. More local control...get the federal beast OUT.