Friday, March 22, 2013

"This Is Not Honorable"

Businessman Jim Goodmon, speaking about the Republican plan advancing in the NC General Assembly to simply void the lease worked out between the state of North Carolina (under Gov. Beverly Perdue) and the City of Raleigh, to turn the Dix Hospital property into a public park. Mr. Goodmon was speaking before the Senate Appropriations Committee.


Not Really said...

The new legislators in Raleigh have shown themselves to be anything but honorable.

They may have gerrymandered themselves winning districts, but if the Republicans keep meddling like this with local decision making they might find themselves losing anyway.

Anonymous said...

Goodmon funds go to the following just to name a few:
Progressive Pulse
Democracy NC
Progress NC
NC Policy Watch

Chris Fritzsimon had never drawn a breath not approved by the Goodmon

Come on JW is this a finest example of racketeereing of the press known to NC

Henery said...

Okay, so, Anonymous Most Recent, you're saying Jim Goodmon is on the right side of history?

Sounds good to me.