Wednesday, March 13, 2013

McCrory Veers Off-Message

"Under the Dome" reports that Gov. Pat McCrory explained that MetLife is coming to North Carolina because of "the very good business climate."

Whaaa? He campaigned on the premise that business under Gov. Perdue was hobbled, discouraged, flummoxed, and  mistreated and that only massive new tax breaks could bring the mega-corps back to our doorstep. And his puppet-masters at the Pope Empire continually flogged the idea that the business climate in North Carolina sucked.

Well, now, apparently it didn't suck that bad under Perdue, who actually gets the credit (?) for snagging MetLife's attention in the first place.

'Course, $94 million in tax breaks and other goodies that all the rest of us are paying for helped some -- about which, Gov. McCrory Knows Nothing knew nothing, nuth-think!

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