Monday, March 18, 2013

Is There a Downside for the Radical Right?

Had to read all the way to the end of Rob Christensen's Saturday column in the News&Observer to get the essential meat about the Republican radicals who've taken control in Raleigh and who have Gov. McCrory's male parts in a lockbox:
Normally, newly empowered politicians would move cautiously, especially in a purple state where numerous polls have indicated there has been no ideological sea change and when their own approval ratings were a cellar-dwelling 23 percent. 
But that has not been the case with the Republican legislature, which has been moving daily to roll back decades of Democratic programs. They are acting with utter self-confidence because they are sitting in bullet-proof districts they designed. They believe – and perhaps with good reason – that they are so beyond the reach of public opinion, that they could pass a law requiring North Carolinians to wear their underwear on the outside of their clothes and still get re-elected.

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