Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Republicans Planning To Raise Dozens of Taxes

In order to relieve the delicate rich and fragile corporations of the tax burden of supporting North Carolina government, the new Republican majority in the General Assembly is leaning toward imposing new taxes on almost 200 services that are currently untaxed, including:

medical attention at an urgent care clinic
pool cleaning
arcade games
beauty salon stylings
car washes
debt counseling
dating services
bowling alleys
most labor costs, including lawn mowing
pet grooming
investment counseling
professional services offered by attorneys, accountants, veterinarians and physicians
carpentry, painting, plumbing
diaper services
health clubs
shoe repair
internet service providers
books, music and movie downloads from the Internet

“It’s unfair to the majority of people if income taxes are lowered and sales taxes go up,” said Rep. Paul Luebke, a Durham Democrat. “The wealthy will disproportionally benefit from the decrease.”

What he said.

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