Thursday, March 28, 2013

Raleigh GOP: First, We'll Make Voting Harder

No, not the voter photo ID law. That hasn't surfaced yet. House Bill 451 is a whole 'nother can of worms that will crawl out all over North Carolinians' previous rights to ballot access, among other outcomes.

H451 will...

1. Eliminate the public financing program for judges.

2. Make all judicial elections partisan rather than nonpartisan.

3. Repeal Same Day Registration.

4. Slice a week off Early Voting.

5. Ban Sunday voting during Early Voting, which has been popular among the state's black church congregations.

6. Eliminate straight-party voting.

7. Make mail-in absentee voting easier, which is far more susceptible to fraud than the mythical voter impersonation ruse.

Hell gets hotter by the minute.


amjp said...

We need to take them out - one way or another.

brotherdoc said...

this is another one of those ALEC-sponsored bills we see popping up all over America. It happened already in FL and there has since been a backlash after the voter lines stretched for 3 hours (remember the 102 year old woman at the State of the Union speech?). Our current crop of ideological puppets in Raleigh are totally under the control of the Koch brothers and their ilk.