Tuesday, March 26, 2013

North Carolina, Red in Tooth and Claw?

NC Sen. Thom Goolsby Ghoulsby from New Hanover County looks at the 152 people on the state's Death Row and sees fresh meat. "Damnit," sez he, "we haven't executed one of those sonz-a-bitches since 2006, and I need diversion. I need it now!"

So Mr. Ghoulsby's bill to restart executions in North Carolina is moving in the General Assembly today, aided by the same bloody-minded world view that wants to see the unemployed grovel, the uninsured poor die of their infections, the state's well water risk toxic infection, ignorance bloom, and education shrivel on the vine.

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Anonymous said...

Before you demonize Goolsby/Ghoulsby actions too much, take a look at the case of one Quintel Augustine who murdered Fayetteville police officer Roy Turner in 2001. Shot him in back of head. Sentenced to death. Last December judge in Fayetteville reduced to life using the Racial Justice Act. Both Quintel and Roy are black. Quintel even has a Facebook page.Now North Carolina will spent $30,000 a year to provide him room, board, and medical care for the next 30-40 years when he should already be at room temperature.