Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Judges Order New Maps for All 13 NC Congressional Districts

This news broke after 5 p.m. yesterday: The same three-judge panel that last month ordered new NC House and Senate district maps has now ruled that all 13 congressional districts in the state exhibit the same evidence of "extreme partisan gerrymandering." The 2020 primaries may have to be delayed if new maps aren't drawn in time for the candidate filing deadline in December.

The Republicans in the General Assembly can still appeal the ruling, but Berger-Moore did not appeal the previous order last month to make new maps for some NC House and Senate districts -- which, incidentally, the three-judge panel approved yesterday.

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Brother Doc said...

And who will draw the maps? Why shouldn't they be ready in time for the filing deadlines (December) or the primaries (March)? Giving the task back to the GOPer controlled legislature gives them yet ANOTHER opportunity to seek partisan advantage and drag out the process. This matter has been nearly a DECADE now in litigation and dispute. So far we have only hopes that the crowd in charge in Raleigh will play fair and do the job with dispatch. Their track record is not good, despite what happened with the state Legislative maps.