Thursday, October 24, 2019

Frustrated Trumpist Toadies Yesterday: "Please Arrest Us To Prove How Much We Love Twitterman!"

Yesterday's mob-stunt in the halls of Congress when 20-something Republican members of the Freedom Caucus (including at least four North Carolina congressmen) forced their way into the secure room where the impeachment depositions were being conducted, and then ordered pizza while they man-spread all over the hearing room and ran off the woman who was supposed to be testifying, was evidently a feint toward getting themselves arrested by Capitol police with the hoped-for viral pop on Instagram to be titled "Brave and Upstanding Ass-Kissers of Trump Being Turned Into Martyrs for the Cause."

The Democrats didn't take the bait, let the boys have their pizza and scratch their balls, and when they were finally down to only pizza bones, the boys all left, the woman witness came back, and the deposition continued.

It wasn't exactly the Boston Tea Party nor even the Defenestration of Prague (when furious Protestants threw three stubborn Catholics out of the 3rd floor window of the Prague town hall and thus started the 30 Years War).

Two NC congressmen were prominent in the mob -- Mark Walker and Mark Meadows -- but someone said Ted Budd and David Rouzer were also there. Where the hell was Virginia Foxx? Was the mob action too butch for her?

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