Friday, October 18, 2019

Get Ready, Eggheads! If Tim Moore Wants To Be Your Leader, He'll Get the Job

Butter wouldn't melt in NC House Speaker Tim Moore's mouth as he denies any interest in taking over as president of the University of North Carolina system. Most recently, the immediate past chair of the UNC system Board of Governors said that Moore's true ambitions are visible from outer space:

"In my opinion, I strongly feel like Tim is interested in the job," says Harry Smith, who was chair of the UNC board of governors until last month. "He's not told me that, but I have every reason to believe that Tim has a lot of interest in the job." []

Tim Moore's particular brand of self-dealing will mesh well with the unsuspecting intellectuals, geeks, book-stack denizens, and political lambs who populate the university system, no? UNC will have achieved its full measure of internal decay as a great educational system.

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