Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Veto Override Vote at Midnight Tonight

Laura Leslie at WRAL in Raleigh is saying the override vote of Gov. Perdue's veto of the Republican budget will be tonight just past midnight, not tomorrow morning as earlier announced, and Twitter is buzzing about a possible defection of one of the Five Democratic Goobers from the Republican bloc. Dunno 'bout that. You hear all sorts of rumors.

But Laura Leslie has also been doing some digging into the various pay-to-play goodies that at least some of those Five Goobers have gotten as concessions for their own districts from the Republican majority. It's a tawdry 30 pieces of silver, hardly worth the damning of their eternal souls, but some people can be bought cheap.

Scharrison at BlueNC suspects a "deceitful little trick" in the sudden moving up of the vote into the middle of the night: "Straight-up dishonesty. As such, these five Democrats, and maybe a few honest Republicans to boot, should reverse their votes. A Budget that requires trickery to get passed is, by its very nature, something that demands another look. A long look."

According to the News & Observer (and other sources), hundreds of the state's school teachers planned to be on hand for the 9 a.m. vote tomorrow morning and to lobby the Five Goobers one last time about their disloyalty.

The Republican leadership's haste in scheduling the vote after midnight might indicate that they're afeared that one of The Five might yet cave.

And then there's this, too: Speaker Thom Tillis will cut off all debate in calling for the vote.


The Teahadist said...

A Budget that requires trickery to get passed is, by its very nature, something that demands another look. A long look."

That sounds about right. I'll trade you repealing the NC Budget trickery for repealing the Obamacare trickery.

Syd said...

Obamacare trickery? Voting in the middle of the day with cameras rolling is hardly trickery. I'm guessing your slanted memory won't allow you to remember Bushy's 3 a.m. vote to pass the "Military Commissions Act" which was their justification for indefinite and illegal detention and torture. Now that was major league trickery and a low point in U.S. history.

I too agree that trickery is wrong and against the spirit of the Constitution, but let's be honest here: the Rethugs in Washington and NC and all over the U.S. consistently try to legislate in the shadows while Obamacare was INCREDIBLY well documented. Not even remotely comparable.