Thursday, June 02, 2011

Shouldn't We At Least TRY a Bomb?

In an article in The Daily Tar Heel about college students trying to lobby Republican members of the General Assembly in a (vain?) effort to divert them from their foolhardy goal of crippling public education in this state ... Rep. Bill Faison (D-Caswell) ruefully commented on the intractability of this new crop of Republicans like Sen. Dan Soucek:

“In terms of changing them, I’m not sure if you had a nuclear bomb over there you could change them.”

Soucek, in fact, was interviewed for the article and was making all those gurgling sounds that are meant to indicate empathy with those about to be bludgeoned to death for ideology. Yada yada yada. Whining about how haaaarrrd it is to be a state senator does not cover the facts of how you vote, Senator.


Anonymous said...

empathy? I've never met a Republican yet who had any, unless it was for someone in his or her own family.

Moose said...

To me, that's one of the defining characteristics of this crop of Republicans - complete and total lack of empathy. They can't imagine that they or one of their family might be unemployed or hit with a catastrophic illness or fall through the cracks of the system. Cold and heartless, all of them! And a bunch of alleged Christians, too!

brotherdoc said...

Amen, Moose. Read a quote the other day from Kier Hardie, the militant Scot/Christian Socialist a century or so ago that had it right: "the rich and comfortable have annexed Jesus and perverted his Gospel."