Thursday, June 09, 2011

Senator Hagan Sided with the Bankers

On a major showdown over what fees the big banks can charge every time you swipe your debit card for a purchase, our own Democratic Senator Kay Hagan danced with who bought/brought her, the Big Banks.

And go figure this: Sen. Dick Burr voted with the other side.

According to The Hill, "The vote abruptly ended the biggest K Street battle of 2011, a debate that pitted banks and credit unions against a coalition of retailers and consumer-rights groups."

Birds of a feather and all that. Hagan worked for ten years as a vice president of NCNB, now known as Bank of America. Her loyalties seem to lean more toward that privileged class than toward consumers, which makes her not (alas) unique among Democrats in the U.S. Senate.

Sen. Dick Burr? We dunno, but we can thank him for his vote.


Anonymous said...

She is also horrible on environmental issues, animal rights issues, and she wasn't exactly Joan of Arc on health care and the public option. I thought Ralph Nader had lost his mind when he kept saying there is no difference between the parties. The Democrats are evil while the Republicans are evil incarnate so there is a difference, but there are two few real Democrats left - and that is true at every level, national, state and local.
Democrats need to stop supporting the corporate types. A Clinton, say, no matter how appealing she seems to some, should be disqualified from party nomination once she serves on the board of WalMart or Tyson Foods. That service says more than all her self characterizing speeches combined.

Your Neighborhood Tea Dealer said...

Anonymous 5:39

Be very, very careful. If you keep saying things like that, one night you might find yourself in a dark alley accepting pamphlets from Teabaggers. And that's just the gateway drug. Next thing you know you might find yourself in the Hardee's parking lot ranting about how Washington politicians are all corrupt and in the pocket of big business.

Just think how embarrassed you'd be if your liberal friends found out...

Anonymous said...

and also, "too" few Democrats

Anonymous said...

Don't think I'll find myself in the parking lot at Hardee's in this town, tea dealer. The only things more corrupt than Democrats are Republicans, and the only things more corrupt than Republicans are the corporations and their franchisees - oh wait, Republicans and corporate tools - same thing.