Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Republican Frugality

Thanks to UnderTheDome, we have $$ amounts as of June 7, 2011, for Republican House Speaker Thom Tillis's taxpayer-paid retainers:
Abigail Blackwell, Administrative Assistant, $30,000
Charles Duckett, Director of Admin. Boards and Commissions, $79,170
Daniel Goforth, Policy Adviser, $62,880
Christopher Hayes, Policy Adviser, $82,000
Amy Hobbs, Policy Adviser, $82,000
Susan Horne, Assistant for Constituent Services, $51,480
Jason Kay, General Counsel, $140,000
Wanda Kay, House Caucus Assistant, $40,000
Michael Luethy, $70,000
Dodie Renfer, Director of Member Relations, $70,000
Jordan Shaw, Director of Communications, $65,000
Katherine Sullivan, Administrative Assistant, $36,000
Charles Thomas, Chief of Staff, $150,000
Rhonda Todd, Executive Assistant, $71,071.12
Renee Weaver, House Staff Clerk, $35,525

Tillis total, $1,065,126.12

For comparison sake, former Democratic House Speaker Joe Hackney had a total compensation figure (as of July 2010) of $969,874.36.

Of special interest is the salary Tillis's chief of staff is making, $150,000, which is more than the governor makes ($139,950).


Anonymous said...

This is exactly why good government is so important. If you leave it to everyone to take care of their own - this is what happens. Everyone who doesn't know them gets screwed and their pals rake in money. I do not trust that "good old boy" mentality. I'm not good, old, or a boy so I'm SOL and so are a lot of others.

bettywhite said...

There ought to be a law against anyone in state government making more than the governor, for goodness sakes! I can't believe that a chief of staff makes $10,000 more than the governor. I thought we were supposed to have a "part-time" legislature!

Not Really said...

I'd feel a lot more charitable towards my right-leaning fellow citizens if I heard some outrage from their side about this spending. And I'd feel a whole heck of a lot less cynical about Republican lawmakers if they didn't wallow in this kind of hypocrisy. Can we impose a limit on this sort of expenditure?