Thursday, June 16, 2011

Guv's Office Signaling at Least Three Vetoes

Via Laura Leslie at WRAL in Raleigh (and these vetoes should be upheld, though you know The Five Goobers are capable of responding to a wet tongue in their ears):

1. The just-passed anti-abortion bill

2. The photo voter ID bill

3. S727, No Dues Checkoff for School Employees, the bill targeting the North Carolina Association of Educators

Stay tuned. The Guv currently has 68 pieces of elephant dung sitting on her desk. Most of them deserve the VETO stamp.


Not Really said...

Good for our governor! Don't let a bunch of one-term fools voted in by less than 1/2 the electorate run our state into the ground. And voters, take notice. We'd better get these guys out of there before they inflict any more of their ideology-driven legislation on our state. It makes me sick to think about what they are doing to NC.

Anonymous said...

Do tell what other issues the "goobers" voted to override that would make you think they'll do it again?

Your silence is deafening. The answer is none - they've been extremely loyal aside from the budget.

Anonymous said...

The best that can be said is she will only be able to do harm for the remainder of this term, then she will be gone.

Not Really said...

Anonymous 10:51 - I hope that that is exactly what we'll be saying about the new crop of Republicans in the House and Senate. I'd love to see Gov. Perdue in for a second term!

The fact that the House and Senate are doing everything in their power to suppress the vote tells me they're worried about a high turnout in 2012. So I'll be doing all I can to encourage everyone to vote.