Sunday, June 12, 2011

All Eyes Now on the Five Goobers

Gov. Beverly Perdue has vetoed the Republican budget. Laura Leslie's reporting:
Perdue said the state budget "is more than a roadmap. It’s a reflection of our values. It’s a reflection of what we believe in."

"For the first time, NC has a legislature that’s turning its back on our schools, our children, our longstanding investments in education."

Perdue said the cuts in the GOP's "ideologically driven" $19.7 billion dollar plan would harm classrooms, turn kids away from preschools, and close college programs, causing "generational damage" to the state's schools.

And she stressed that cuts in other areas would be damaging, too, from emergency response to law enforcement to the courts - "not just education, but our communities, our environment, our public safety system, and our ability to care for those that need us the most.” ...
All eyes now turn to the five House Democrats who voted for the Republican budget when it first passed. They're pictured above, and perhaps their own constituents know them as sterling gentlemen. We know them only as ... well, Republican chumps, not to put too fine a point on it.

They are, left to right:
William D. Brisson, who represents Cumberland and Bladen counties
James W. Crawford, Granville & Nash counties
Dewey L. Hill, Brunswick & Columbus counties
Bill Owens, Camden, Currituck, Pasquotank, & Tyrrell counties
Timothy L. Spear, Chowan, Dare, Hyde, & Washington counties


brotherdoc said...

Bless Bev, and one might think these renegade Dems having voted for the GOPer budget could save face now by switching their votes and upholding her veto in the name of party loyalty. We shall see. The larger agenda for the GOP is blatantly obvious but it will take major education by the Dems to turn the vote around next election. I wonder if they are up to it. Or if it will matter, once these new voter restrictions take effect. NC is being thrown back a generation.

Anonymous said...

Since this is "Watauga Watch" shouldn't some attention on this vote be paid to our own fine representatives? Out there looking out for our interests and the common good? The way things are going, to save money, I'm prepared to have Virginia Foxx just represent us at every level, County, State and Congress. The result would be the same, and maybe we could eliminate costly redundant staff, mailings, etc.

FoxxFann said...

Hey! I agree with Anonymous!


Glad some of you are beginning to recognize how great she is!

Two out of every three voters in her district support her! And, with good reason.Yep! TWO out of every THREE!