Monday, June 13, 2011

Put the Emphasis on Fat

Speaker of the new NC Clown College Thom Tillis has given his government-payroll lawyer a 27% raise, bringing his per annum haul up to $140,000. He also gave his government-payroll Chief of Staff a 25% raise, bringing his per annum haul up to $150,000. He also gave what the News&Observer called "fat raises" to five more of his 14-person staff.

Is Thom Tillis growing the government?

Or just basking in the aroma of his own righteousness?

Those much fatter staffers, being paid by thee and me, are chuckling in their Martini glasses while Cumberland County Schools, supposedly represented by one of the Five Goobers -- William Brisson -- has announced it's laying off 377 people, including 130 teachers and 177 teacher assistants.

Mr. Brisson still stoopidly claims that no teaching jobs will be lost under the Republican budget, just administrators. He also claims that nobody on the Republican side offered to keep a Bladen County prison open as a "goodie" to get his vote.

With a grasp on reality like that, and with that towering commitment to truthiness, Mr. Brisson is certainly a sterling representative of the people in Cumberland and Bladen counties!

Hattip to "Monday numbers" at The Progressive Pulse.


Anonymous said...

The salaries are still less that Speaker Hackney, if you care about the truth.

Brushfire said...

Shared sacrifice, anyone?

Anonymous said...

Brushfire, no sharing please. It's all on the middle class.

Opinionated said...

Noooo...that's MORE than Hackney's office by nearly $100,000. See two articles up...

Moose said...

Sheesh........ Tillis himself only makes $38,151 per year, plus an expense allowance of $1,413 per month. Is that for every month, or only for months that they are in session? Why do staffers need such enormous salaries when the legislature is only in session for a few months?