Friday, January 29, 2021

Trump's Legacy and McConnell's Dick-in-a-Box


McConnell forced the confirmation of some 226 Trump-appointed Federal judges, and those surprise packages have already started doing what they were put on the bench to do.

Judge Drew Tipton
At the urging of the Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, who is himself under investigation for bribery and abuse of power, Trump-appointed Federal Judge Drew Tipton put a restraining order on Biden's "pause" to immigration deportations for “a review of policies and practices.” That thwarting of Biden policy came just six days into the new president's term.

According to Elie Mystal, the Biden order "wasn’t radical; it didn’t change the policy about who can be deported. It aimed simply to stop the government from shuttling as many people as possible out of the country as quickly as possible while the new administration tries to figure out which deportations should take priority and whether the people facing deportation received due process of law as opposed to whatever the hell Trump was doing."

Mystal summarized Judge Tipton's restraining order thusly: "He ruled that Texas had standing to sue the Biden administration (which is wrong). He also ruled that the Department of Homeland Safety likely exceeded its authority by implementing the pause — which is both wrong and ludicrous in light of the Supreme Court’s decision in the DACA case last year, which reaffirmed the executive’s broad authority to determine who should be deported and when they have to leave. At Slate, Mark Joseph Stern went into detail about Tipton’s 'bizarre decision,' writing, 'Tipton does not appear to have a rudimentary understanding of either immigration law or the practical realities of the immigration system.' ”

More of this to come, no doubt, with the biggest of McConnell's dicks-in-the-box sitting on the Supreme Court at the top of the legal heap.

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