Friday, January 22, 2021

Is the 5th District of NC Getting Its Own Madison Cawthorn?


Young Republican Bo Hines has launched a campaign to unseat Virginia Foxx in the NC-5. His video message offers several triggers open to interpretation. He says he wants to fight "against tyranny of mobs and big tech giants looking to take away our God given rights." That word "mobs" might make you think he's aligning against insurrectionists, but we suspect the "mobs" he's talking about are Antifa and BLM. The reference to "big tech giants looking to take away our God given rights" is a trigger for coming to Twitterman's defense against social media platforms who've kicked him off. (Did you know you had a God given right to be on Twitter? Neither did I.) Here's Bo Hines's Twitter account. He's Trumpist, all right.

He incidentally seems most offended by Foxx's turning her incumbency into great wealth. Yeah, we're offended by that too.

The Gaston Gazette says he lives currently in Forsyth County (presumably in order to attend Wake Forest School of Law), but I haven't found him in the NC voter file -- not under the name "Bo," which is no doubt a nickname. The northern part of Forsyth is still in the 5th District, though Wake Forest campus isn't.

The Gaston Gazette reports that Hines "was once a highly touted freshman wide receiver at North Carolina State University .... After a prep career at Charlotte Christian, Hines earned Freshman All-American honors as a wide receiver for the Wolkpack in 2014 before transferring to Yale University."

Madam Foxx has never had a Republican challenger like Hines, and she's always been ripe for the plucking if she got the right opponent. Hines's pointing out that she's mainly made herself rich while in Congress, while doing little for her constituents, could be a winning message.

Here's his Facebook page. His introductory video is posted on both Facebook and Twitter.


None of Forsyth County is currently in the 5th District.


O Suzannah said...

Maybe he's a right-winger but I doubt very much he's as bad as Cawthorn. After all, he has a Yale degree, so he's not a dumbass. Of course, some very bad people have good educations.

Anonymous said...

@o Suzannah - Yep. Case in point: Josh Hawley - Yale Law

Anonymous said...

Looks as if his first name is Nyheim, according to ESPN. But Nyheim Hines isn't a registered voter, either.

Camelot said...

Here is the reality. If Cawthorn had to run against Mark Meadows he would not have won. He caught lightning in a bottle. The same will be with Hines. If Foxx runs she will destroy him and move on to get reelected.