Thursday, January 07, 2021

How Virginia Foxx Voted on the Two Objections to Electoral College Votes


Representative Virginia Foxx straddled, an awkward position for a supposedly dignified 70-something congresswoman to take.

On the first objection to the Electoral College votes from Arizona, following debate which resumed after the insurrection last night, Foxx voted not to sustain the objection. On the second objection to the Electoral College votes from Pennsylvania, Foxx voted "yea" to sustain the objection. That vote in the US House didn't happen until almost 4 a.m. this morning.

The congresswoman wants to have it both ways. But we feel sure she'll be soliciting those presidential autographs from Joe Biden.


Lesuco said...

Well, she’s got to represent her constituents. And though we are also part of that group, we’re obviously not in the majority, which means that we are surrounded by people in our everyday lives who believe what happened in the Capitol build yesterday was not only okay, but their destiny. This is what I’m grappling with today. These people are my neighbors. How am I supposed to talk to them?

Anonymous said...

Autograph? She usually goes in for a kiss after the State of the Union address.