Thursday, July 16, 2020

How the Dark Money Is Attacking Rep. Ray Russell

These are really bad, like Trump-era dumb-and-bad, like pre-schoolers set loose with scissors and paste bad. They're actually so bad they're laughable, like Trump-era laughable. Also non-sensical. They smell of desperation.


Opinionated said...

The "coffin" one is particularly tone deaf under the current circumstances.

Red Hornet said...

Ray Russell is a small business operator himself. He provides weather prediction to private businesses.
A longtime computer science faculty member, his undergraduate degree is in Bible. When so much dark money is wasted smearing a regular guy who loves nature and is a child education advocate with his wife you gotta wonder how such lies serve the public interest.

Anonymous said...

They don't. They serve the interests of the big money guys (who see the rest of us as so much garbage they can use and throw away) and the legislators they pay for.