Friday, July 31, 2020

Did Jesse Helms Put a Curse on His Senate Seat When He Left It?

Cal Cunningham looks to be doing to incumbent Republican Senator Thom Tillis what Thom Tillis did to Kay Hagan in 2014. Tillis beat Hagan by 45,608 votes out of 2,915,281 total votes cast.

Kay Hagan made Senator Elizabeth Dole a one-termer in 2008, beating her by a much wider margin, some 361,801 votes. Elizabeth Dole had easily taken the open seat in 2002 following the retirement of Sen. Jesse Helms.

It's almost like ole Jesse cursed the seat or something, for it's produced a line of one-term senators ever since he left it.

We expect Thom Tillis to fall to that curse, come November, and we also expect Cal Cunningham to break that curse once he's our new senator from North Carolina.

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