Thursday, July 15, 2010

Until We’re All Blue in the Face

I resisted "Avatar" last winter. Wouldn't shell out the bucks to go see it on the big screen. And applauded when "The Hurt Locker" beat it out for Best Picture. Mainly because I'm sick of CGI, "computer-generated imagery." CGI in movies strikes me as a fundamental gyp, fakery that leaves honest, adult story-telling behind for the sake of teenage thrills and debilitating fantasy. Shorthand: I'm old.

Finally ran out of anything else to gawk at, so we watched "Avatar" (minus the 3-D, thank goodness, and don't get me started on that newest fad).

Okay, I was impressed by the "Avatar" landscape and was moved emotionally by the story.

Even though the ending was pure romantic hogwash. No indigenous race/culture is going to beat the military-industrial complex. Planet-killing is our destiny now, and I'm afraid that Mother worship and the binding of our feely threads of being with the feely threads of life around us ain't gonna defeat superior fire-power (and if you don't know what I'm talking about, it's because you haven't seen the movie).

The plot of "Avatar" is pure hokum, straight out of 1930s Johnny Weismuller Tarzan movies, wherein greedy gold hunters exploited the natives for wealth and finally got their comeuppance from stampeding elephants, etc. The greedy human impulses of 1936 got exhiliratingly defeated by Nature and the Natural Man (we know him by his loincloth and his faithful companion Cheetah). Just like in "Avatar."

I admit to the power of that tale as a fantasy. And wish to God it could be true.


Anonymous said...

No indigenous race/culture is going to beat the military-industrial complex* JW

Sure they can! WTF do you think is happening in Afghanistan?

Doug McGuinn said...

Oh come on Jerry, 3D isn't something new. As for today's "fakery," I suppose the invisible man was really invisible, and Samantha could make objects appear and disappear by simply twitching her nose, and horses could really talk! As for the realism of the plot, I'm reminded of the saying "checking your brain at the door!"

BikerBard said...

Jerry: While I agree that CGI has become the lazy-man's way of making movie "magic" substituting for great make-up, lighting, pyro-technics, costuming, auto-animatronics and other tools of the film maker, this was a great film (and yes, so was "The Hurt Locker.")The worlds and its inhabitants, as invisioned by James Cameron, including another foreign language, was fantastic!

Tough choice for best film. Apples and oranges, there.

I love Tarzan! said...

But I love Johnny and Tarzan!!! ,,, some of my favorite stuff ever on TV!

Johnny Avatar Rico said...

Tricycle Lard,

A simple minded, cliched movie like this would probably keep your short attention span active for awhile. Those awful corporations conquering the natives - how awful.

Funny how you fail to note that Avatar was racist. Why is it that a white man is always the saviour for minorities in peril? Don't you find this discriminatory towards minorities who never have one of their own race as the hero? If you don't find this discriminatory then you are a racist. If you do find it discriminatory then you wouldn't have liked the movie. LOL!!

I bet you are coughing up spaghetti chuncks right about now aren't you!!!! You were asking for that one. How anyone could like this simpleton movie with TERRIBLE acting is beyond me (unless you are a racist). LOL!!

Your ole pal

Johnny "Avatar" Rico


hopeful said...

We can hope that Rico gets killed by a corporation or that someone he (or she) loves does. That would be ironic, no?

Johnny Rico said...

Just like the left - advocating a violent end for those they do not agree with. Reminds me of Stalin, Hitler, and Tsueng. Funny how I have never, even once, hoped someone would even have a briar poked in their finger, much less dying. The thought never crosses my mind.

Amazing and a bit sad that a conservative like me feels scared to express her opinion!! I will actually lock my windows and doors tonight and load another gun or two.

And how many on this site agree with Hopeful that my family and I meet an untimely demise?

I bet the silence will be deafening

Your ole pal, and still alive,

Johnny Rico

BikerBard said...

Lest we all forget, you named yourself after a character from "STARSHIP TROOPERS."

Sorry, but your career as a movie critic just ended!

Save it. Yea, we heard the crap you already spewed about your love of the authors Heinekin and Assimove. Now, if you could only spell their names. LOL!

Johnny "The Truth" Rico said...

Tricycle Lard,

What in the world does my post name have to do with this topic? Are you really that out of touch that you cannot keep on track with this post? I know you exist to cheerlead here, but you sound even more ridiculous than usual.

By the way hopeful, I survived the night which I am sure make you sad.

Your ole pal

Johnny "The Truth" Rico

The Arachnids said...

Come back to Klendathu, fool. We're waiting for you.

Johnny Rico said...

I would much rather be on Klandathu or the outer rings fighting an intergalatic war with a worthy enemy. Here it is like taking a retards (Biker Lard) candy.

BikerBard said...

Wacko Rico:
Hey, ignorant one. Did you sleep during class on the use of an apostrophe? LOL!

Anonymous said...

Bard, at least it is apparent the Rico has read the works she quotes. I suspect you get your Shakespeare quotes from Bartlett's Familiar Quotations or Google. You frequently quote something but do not ever mention the context of the work in which it was made. Have you ever really read Shakespeare or do you just memorize the quotes to impress the others down at the Blue Oyster Bar.

BikerBard said...

To all @ WW:

Here is the true message from the Coward, Anonymous. He couldn't resist a homophobic dig re: The Blue Oyster Bar, a well-known NYC gay bar.

Anonymous, you are such a piece of cowardly shit!

" nothing but the composition of a knave, beggar, COWARD, pander and the son and heir of a mongrel bitch..." - W.S.

And I knew this one from "King Lear." How fitting for you.

Johnny Rico said...

OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH,,LOL!, it looks like Tricycle Lard is hitting another tipping point. The last time he started using profanity, he disappeared for a long time. Anonymous, be careful, or you will drive him into another liberal stupidity fit replete with massive amounts of slobber issuing forth from his well worn pie-hole, over his expansive belly, and onto yet another keyboard. His mom probably hates you more than he does Anonymous! LOL!!!

Teeing off Tricyle Lard is not very hard, but it's sure fun to see him absolutly wig out on someone he knows is right!!! LOL!!

Your ole pal

Johnny Rico