Friday, July 23, 2010

Her Royal Highness Virginia Foxx

This item from "Heard on the Hill" in Roll Call (sorry: can't link to the whole article ... paid subscribers only):
[Our] tipster eyed the North Carolina Republican and some of her staff on Tuesday evening getting out of an elevator in the basement of the Longworth House Office Building. As Foxx exited, two lost-looking female interns entered the "Members Only" car. Foxx spoke up: "Whoa, where do you think you are going?" our spy says Foxx yelled. The interns turned and faced the Congresswoman, who told them: "This elevator is for Members only."

The interns, heads held low, left the scene. Meanwhile, Foxx continued to rant to her aides. "The things we have to put up with around here," Foxx remarked.

Oh the repugnant odor of mere citizens!

Added at 9:45 a.m.: Here's a link to a PDF of the complete item in Roll Call.


You work for us lady! said...

Those poor interns. First they had to see her face, then hear her voice. Oh the horror!

Anonymous said...

More Breaking News on Fox!

After chewing out the interns in front of a massive Tea Party crowd, she than had them sold off on the Capital Steps to the Ghost of the DC Madame.......

Jesse Presnell said...
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brotherdoc said...

Jesse, that's worth an investigative piece on, wonder who would grow the cojones in her district to find out? Would the W-S Jo, which for a while she would not talk to?
This behavior certainly does not surprise me.

Mike - NC 5th said...

Good Lord people, is that the best you can do, invent some 'spy' to start some rumor about a politician acting rude. I don't believe it for a second and even if it were true, it wouldn't cost me or my kids a dime; unlike the billions Pelosi and her merry zealots waste our money on. Congresswoman Foxx fights to save our tax dollars (those of us who work and pay taxes)and defends our military in Washington while they defend us abroad. And what do you do? Next time take the stairs!

BikerBard said...

I think you need to read her record on military issues. You are indeed, misinformed. She has vetoed many bills devoted to helping our servicepeople. She does, however, love to have her photo published with her arm around a vet, preferably one with grey hair(to cover 2 interest groups with 1 photo.) Also, I guess you never heard heard of her padding a bill with the pork of a Teapot Museum? At that time, she was ostracised by John McCain, himself.

She TALKS a good game. Read her record @ Then decide.