Sunday, July 18, 2010

It's Not Enough To Just Have a Gun. You Need To Wave It in the Air

The Tea Party will be throwing a rally at the Guilford Courthouse Battleground Park in Greensboro in August demanding that the government (a.k.a., the Enemy) restore the Constitution NOW! BYOG (bring your own gun). In fact, from what we're reading, a side-arm is pretty much expected on every attendee, sort of like a prom corsage (though less fragrant).

All that angry brandishing is meant to convey a message which would appear to be, "We're angry, and we're armed. Got a problem with that?"

How to win friends and influence people, Tea Party style.

Their line-up of announced speakers includes that paragon of Republican electability Vernon Robinson, who ran against Virginia Foxx in the 2004 primary and called her a lesbo-loving liberal. Other scheduled speakers include the Republican congressional candidates in the 4th and in the 13th districts, along with (this is odd) one June Griffin, who is running for Governor of Tennessee.

Prominently invited (though apparently playing coy, maybe waiting for the mention of big bucks in pay) is failed governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin. We know she's got a gun.

Interestingly, no currently sitting Republican Congressional incumbent is on that illustrious list of dignataries. You know what they say, guys ... no guts, no glory.


Anonymous said...

Ask yourself one question? Would you show up to a meeting where everybody was armed to the teeth in a mental ward?

Johnny "Freedom" Rico said...

I am amazed at all the people who are all about denying Constitutional Rights to American citizens. A liberal wails and cries when a conservative exercises a basic right of self-armament, yet cries foul if anyone remotely touches their 4th Amendment rigts to aborting (killing) babies. Something just isn't right here. These people (liberals) wouldn't know or appreciate a Constitutional Right if it gave them freedom, liberty and a cushy life.......oh...ooops....mistake.....IT WAS THE CONSTITUTION THAT GAVE THEM THESE THINGS!!!!!! Aunt Susie in a bee's nest, how could I have been so stupid!!!!!!!!!

The undeserving, self-indignant, spurious masses of liberal socialist sheep are dumber than dirt. Give them something, and they expect more and more. If there was a failing in our Constitution, it would have to be that we didn't address this. How could we have missed it? LOL!!!

This ought to give the liberal socialists something to chew on until November.

Your ole and dearest pal

Johnny "Freedom" Rico


Anonymous said...

Breaking News On Gun Rally In Greensboro National Park!!!!!

Smokey The Bear today said he was removed from the invited Speakers list when it was reveal that he was a member of a Communist Front group known as the Red Fire Fighters of America in the early 60's. Nathan Tabor leader of the Republican Tea Party group said it was about time that we smoke him out as a anti-gunner communist.

Meanwhile a Herd of Black Bears said they would attend the rally and protest the rally by sending in a elite group of Grizzy Bears from the 18 st Montana Milita who would eat any Tea Party member on the spot.

Johnny "Winner" Rico said...

I see that no one wanted to touch this one either. I wouldn't either if I had such a faulty, fractured moral belief system as the fringe left. LOL!!

Your ole pal

Johnny Rico

PS Another post in the "W" column!!!!!

Mark H.