Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Romney Slops the Hog

Mitt Romney, once and future presidential candidate and the most boring Republican on the planet, just gave $2,500 to Virginia Foxx, the charm-free battleax of the Republican right.

Romney gets his friends the old-fashioned way. He buys them.


Syd said...

"...the charm-free battleax of the Republican right."

Poetry. Sheer poetry.

Anonymous said...

What happened to debate over the issues and avoiding pissing contests? Can you say hypocrite?

Mike D. said...


There is absolutely zero chance that you would make this criticism if a senior Democrat donated to a lesser Democrat's campaign fund.

"Romney Slops the Hog".

"Romney gets his friends the old-fashioned way. He buys them."

You see? Your criticism is based on behavior, but you would never criticize your side for the exact same behavior. You are not part of the solution. You are the source of the ongoing and deepening partisan rift.

Grow up. Forgive. Try to realize that your way is not the only way to look at things in this world, and it is frequently not the kindest or most civilized.

Why censor the comments of participants when your posts frequently fit the precise description you gave of the type of content you intend to filter out?

I don't understand.

BikerBard said...

Mike: JW was correct in his rebuke. A back & forth "You suck" "No, you suck" was his point. His criticisms about the political scene do not fit the criteria he set. And it's HIS blog!