Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Numbers for Your Coffee Hour

According to this Census study, and based on 2007 statistics (that is to say, based on numbers gathered prior to the 2008 Bush Crash), 18.2 percent of North Carolina's population, just over 1.45 million people, were without health care coverage. The highest county rate of uninsured is in Watauga at 26.6 percent.


Matt Robinson said...

But don't worry, we do have the BEST health care in the US (facetious). And haven't you heard from Rep. Foxx that everyone has health care (the emergency room)?

And I bet most of those people without insurance vote for her, too. Amazing!

BikerBard said...

Sad, but true enough, Matt.

Anonymous said...

Maybe most people do not want rationed care and death panels. Maybe they realize Medicare and Medicaid services are going to be cut due to Oama care. Maybe they also realize they have access to health care as per the emergency room and the rule of law. Maybe Robinson not being able to understand this is what is amazing.

brushfire said...

Anonymous, are you under the impression that health care is not rationed right now? That emergency room access is the same as health care? Maybe so, because if you believe the death panel lies, you probably also believe Saddam Hussein was responsible for the terror attacks of 9/11.

Matt Robinson said...

Some people, especially those named "anonymous," just live in a different world than the one where facts prevail.

I have offered the facts about health care and we do not rank anywhere near the top in any indicator that matters on health care.

As for relying on the emergency room, this is outrageous. It does not include the most important type of care that matters, which is preventive care through regular doctor's visits.

And you know who pays for those trips to the emergency room for the people who have no insurance? You and I do. It's like a tax!

Rationed care?
Death panels?


Anonymous said...

Certainly health care is being rationed. Medicare and Medicaid are both already being rationed due to Obamcare. Take for instance the change that keeps children on Medicaid from receiving dental care until they are five.

BikerBard said...

THAT'S a big deal-breaker here? 5-year old DENTAL CARE?? How absurd!
You are watching too much Fakes News. Death Panels do not exist!Try CNN.

Anonymous2 said...

It appears that anonymous is buying the whole wing-nut package, lock, stock, and barrel. Our abysmal health care system is Obama's fault! The financial crisis is Obama's fault! The oil spill? It must be Obama's fault again!
We all know everything was peachy keen before President Obama was elected. If some things were not so great, why they were Clinton's fault, of course.
The human capacity for denial is truly amazing and evidently boundless.

BikerBard said...

Good post, Nonny2. But I DO wish you'd pick a better handle. It is too easy to confuse you with the other Nonny.