Wednesday, July 21, 2010

State Health Plan Overpaid Watauga Medical Center

If we're reading this audit report correctly, Watauga Medical Center was overpaid by the state employees health plan in the amount of $190,000+ over five years, was ordered by the Attorney General back in February to refund the money, and then renegotiated that refund settlement amount down to $10,000. (The portal into this flap supplied by "Under the Dome."

Note to Self: Hire the Watauga Medical Center negotiators when ass is in crack.


ain;t bea said...

"ass is in crack" . very good!

Anonymous said...

I had no idea that the AG was one of those debt settlement companies on the Cable

Anonymous said...

I am not sure they even do their own billing there anymore. I got a bill the other day, called to check on it, and I was talking to someone in Concord, although it was a local number.

I personally asked to speak to someone else by name at Watauga and they said that this was some kind of billing or business office in Concord who handles everything for them. The person was rude, not helpful and so on.

So no wonder they had a problem with State insurance, someone else is doing it for them, obviously.

Anonymous said...

If the hospital overcharged the insurance companies and has to pay them back, would it not owe a reimbursement to the person that had to pay a co-pay of a percentage of the bill too?