Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Terri LeGrand Is In for the NCS31

I was enthusiastic about the candidacy of Forsyth County educator Terri LeGrand in 2018. She was running for the NC House (District 74) against incumbent Repubican queen bee Debra Conrad. I wrote about LeGrand in March of 2018 and again in July as she was displaying some fundraising chops (I contributed a modest amount to her campaign).

LeGrand lost that race but earned a very respectable 45% of the vote against an entrenched incumbent.

LeGrand announced yesterday that she's going for it again in 2020 but not for that northern Forsyth House district but rather this time for the NC Senate District 31 against another incumbent Republican queen bee, Joyce Krawiec. NCS31 has been considerably reconfigured by the most recent remapping and is friendlier to an insurgent Democrat.

LeGrand will make an exciting contest of it!

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