Monday, November 18, 2019

Trump's 'Intense Negatives' Outweigh His 'Intense Positives'

Reading all the post-mortems about the Trump-thumping election last Saturday in Louisiana, where the Republican Eddie Rispone lost badly to the Democrat John Bel Edwards, despite two Trump visits to the state just prior to the voting. The team of Jonathan Martin and Maggie Haberman offer this:
...Mr. Trump’s two appearances in the state between the primary and runoff had the effect of motivating the Democratic base as much as it did the conservative one.
"Forcing Trump down people’s throats in television, mail and radio produced a backlash among Democratic voters, especially African-Americans,” said Zac McCrary, a pollster on Mr. Edwards’s campaign, alluding to Mr. Rispone’s Trump-centric message. “The intense negatives outweigh the intense positives for Trump, which speaks to the turnout.”
I'm thinking of getting that last sentence embroidered on a pillow.

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