Sunday, November 17, 2019

Democratic Scramble After New Congressional Maps Pass the NCGA

With the opening of candidate filing for 2020 just two weeks away, there's visible signs of potential Democratic candidates reevaluating their options:

Paul Lowe
6th Congressional District -- which is now remapped to be all of Guilford and the urban heart of Forsyth. We hear that state Senator Paul Lowe (32nd District) is seriously considering running for the seat. Lowe was appointed to the NC Senate in 2015 when Earline Parmon resigned, ran unopposed for reelection in 2016, and was reelected easily a second time in 2018. He is the pastor of Shiloh Baptist Church in Winston-Salem and a former Democratic chair of the 5th District. There will undoubtedly be others, especially in Guilford County, also considering a run for this much bluer congressional seat.

5th Congressional District -- Jeanne Supin announced months ago that she was building a campaign infrastructure to challenge Virginia Foxx. With Forsyth County now completely eliminated from the 5th, Supin appears to be shelving the effort. We're hearing that she's laid off her staff.
But with Gaston now drawn into the new 5th, David Wilson Brown, who has been running a campaign in the old 10th District (and he ran there against Patrick McHenry in 2018 too), is considering now running in the 5th.
David Wilson Brown
FOOTNOTE: We're hearing from multiple sources that both Virginia Foxx and Patrick McHenry are unamused by their redrawn districts, which would appear to advantage one Tim Moore for running in the 5th if and when Virginia Foxx retires. Tim Moore lives in Cleveland County, and there's consensus that the remapping was done for his future benefit.

10th Congressional District -- If David Wilson Brown moves over to run in the 5th, that will leave an opening for another Democrat to run against Patrick McHenry -- perhaps someone from Iredell.

11th Congressional District -- With all of Buncombe County and Asheville restored to this district, the campaign of Democrat Steve Woodsmall against the toxic Mark Meadows would appear to be considerably enhanced. Woodsmall has been energetically building out his campaign for months now, raising money, and negatively defining Meadows via social media.

2nd Congressional District -- Lt. Col. Scott Cooper, USMC (Retired), has already for several months been building a campaign against incumbent Republican George Holding. The new 2nd District is now based entirely in Wake County, and Cooper lives in northern Wake in the town of Wake Forest. I know that congressional candidates are not required to live in the districts they represent, but it sure does help when you're a first time candidate. Cooper would appear to have a headstart on taking this seat (though he will undoubtedly have a primary challenge).

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O Suzannah said...

Kathy Manning is thinking of running in the new 6th, and she'll be very strong. She ran a strong campaign in 2018 against Ted Budd. She can raise boatloads of money.