Sunday, November 10, 2019

Ignorance Is Bliss (And Virginia Foxx Lies By Omission)

Congresswoman Virginia Foxx recently complained, “We’re not a banana republic and things should not be done in secret. They should all be out in the open.”

She was moaning about the impeachment inquiry that's been taking depositions behind closed doors. Those depositions are suspicious to Foxx because she personally cannot attend to hear and see them.

Wait. What?

Congresswoman Virginia Foxx sits on the House Committee on Oversight and Reform. The House Committee on Oversight and Reform is one of the three committees holding the impeachment depositions behind closed doors. Both Democratic and Republican members of those committees are not only free to attend, but they can also ask questions. Friggin questions. Virginia Foxx also could but didn't and won't (especially, perhaps, since they're not offering a rolling breakfast buffet).

Her "things done in secret" might have more bite if she wasn't truant. And a liar to boot. She has the unmitigated gall to make a whine out of her own non-attendance. Her fellow North Carolina congressman Mark Meadows has certainly been there (because he also sits on Oversight and Reform). The transcripts show Meadows an active participant, asking questions with gusto.

But Foxx has excuses: “Several depositions have been scheduled when Congress is not in session and other events have been scheduled in North Carolina. Others have had their time changed, conflicting with other responsibilities in Washington, including my work as Republican Leader on the Education and Labor Committee,” she tweeted (since deleted).

Can we get real here, Congresswoman? You're not there in deference to the age-old superstition, "If I don't see it, it doesn't exist." You're in a graveyard at midnight and the moon is full, and what do you do? You keep your eyes on the ground immediately in front of you and look neither left nor right. And you might even whistle, to keep your concentration.

Foxx is like a lot of Trump's support. Willfully ignorant in an effort to keep her difficult balance in the high noon sun.

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