Monday, February 14, 2011

Kentucky Rising

Poet Wendell Berry is leading a sit-in at Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear's office. The sit-in apparently began on Friday and is continuing today.

The subject of the protest is mountaintop removal coal mining, the wholesale strip-mining of eastern Kentucky.

Jeff Biggers has lots of video over at HuffPost.


shyster said...

Kentucky is currently providing support for a creation museum and a "lifesize" replica of Noah's Ark. They are doing this to draw in children and make them dumber than the children in Mississippi.

brotherdoc said...

Maybe the people of Kentucky are preparing their children for admission to Shyster's law school.

shyster said...

Doc, for the moment we'll ignore a tiny thing called the separation of church and state and look at the fact that Arkgate has been sold with questionable surveys of financial benefits to the state.
Ignoring that, we can move on to the fact that there is no evidence to support the myth of the Ark. The state, with financial problems, is supporting a young-earth creationist amusement park. I think we can look forward to dioramas of Noah's children feeding dinosaurs.

be thankful for what you have said...

Shyster, how would your profession fare under Sharia Law?

What evidence do you have that the ark did not exist?

shyster said...

Thankful, it doesn't work like that.
There is no evidence that the Ark existed and the flood myth, as outlined in the Bible, has no scientific support and defies logic on a number of levels.
As a believer in the Ark myth you bear the burden to support it. If all of your support amounts to: it's in the Bible so I believe it, then just say so and the argument ends there.
BTW, what happened to the unicorns? There are a number of references to them in the Bible. The Irish Rovers had a song that suggested that they scampered and played while the flood waters rose and wouldn't get on the Ark.
Were the dinosaurs killed by the flood or did they die after the Ark came to rest and the animals scattered? Are you sure that you are not from Kentucky (or maybe Mississippi).

brotherdoc said...

Someone used my ID, I did not leave the message that shows under my name, dated 7:51 AM. WTF??? I don't know how this happened but it was not THIS brotherdoc.

G.I.G said...

be thankful for what you have said, "What evidence do you have that the ark did not exist?" Science works by proving facts not superstition. I happen to believe in the Flying Spaghetti Monster as my deity of choice. So in your statement it would be up to you to disprove my deity of choice please proceed to do so . I look forward to your reply.

thankful said...

It is call testimony by witnesses as per the Bible. This kind of testimony is admissible in court because courts frequently refer to othr cases recorded in books..

One couldn't "prove" to you that Jim Bowie even had a pocket knife, but this kind of evidence proves he had something much better.

G.I.G said...

Be thankful, I think you might want to go back to law 101 what you describe is called hearsay. If I say I saw something that does not make it true, or make it admissible as evidence unless it can be proven true.
And I still have not see you disprove his holiness the FSM.