Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Soucek & Jordan Still Get Their Free Health Insurance

Courtesy of NC taxpayers.

Plus they get full coverage, even though they're technically part-time workers.

Plus they can get their health insurance coverage for life, even after they leave office.

According to the ABC11 I-Team investigation, "Taxpayers pick up the just over $60,000 tab for the lawmaker's health care plan."

That would be $60,000 each.

Meanwhile, the fully insured state senator and the fully insured state rep. voted last week with the rest of their Republican colleagues in the General Assembly to deny the rest of us what they are enjoying. They passed H.B.2, which would effectively cripple the federal Affordable Health Care Act, ending the (few) actual insurance reforms covering recission and "pre-existing conditions."


Rubashov said...

Honestly, you're hyperventilating here. The bill you cite just kills the mandate. Yes, in the long run, that would make Obamacare unsustainable. That's irrelevant, though, because in the medium-term we're going to see a Supreme Court decision that will either lay the groundwork for federal override of state bills like this one, or make the bill moot by rendering the mandate unconstitutional. In other words, all this bill will do it hold off IRS penalties for not buying insurance until the Supremes decide. It doesn't let insurance companies off the hook (the Administration now maintains that Obamacare is severable, suggesting that they plan to enforce the non-mandate provisions even after Judge Vinson's ruling).

But are there better things the State Legislature should be doing with their time? Absolutely.

Oh, and remember that it was the Democrats who gave themselves the lifetime insurance purchase option, not the Republicans.

G.I.G said...

Rubashov, do not all the democratic members get the exact same insurance ?

Anne said...

GIG, are you suggesting that since Democrats accept socialist health care, it's okay for Republicans to take it too? (I really get tired of this "oh, the other side does it too.")

Thing is, in this case there is a difference. The Democrats believe all Americans should have the same health care that Federal and State elected officials do. The Republicans believe it's okay for them to have taxpayer-subsidized health care but not okay for other Americans to have the same.

Do you get it now?

G.I.G said...

Anne, you miss my point completely. I point out that the democrats get the same benefits as the republicans. I do not see any democrats turning it down, nor are republicans turning it down. My point is if you call out one party for taking advantage of a job benefit then you need to call out both.

Oliver said...

Rubashov-so which part of the word "HYPOCRITE" do you not understand?

Bet the one the right in the picture will cost the taxpayers a fortune in the long run. Gee, wonder how he votes on the whole health insurance debate?

Anne said...

GIG, I didn't miss your point, all I am saying is the Republicans have a double standard going on here. They should be under the same system that all Americans will be or none at all. They say nothing to this point. I believe Obamacare to be against the Constitution, and in the not to distant future, the Supreme Court will strike it down. At that time we should put pressure on Republicans regarding their entitlement mentality.

Rubashov said...

Rubashov-so which part of the word "HYPOCRITE" do you not understand?

The "Y" part. I never could remember whether that was a vowel or a consonant.

Oliver said...

Rubashov-thanks, I deserve that. Have a good day.

NewGuy said...

Do the Democrats that voted against the Bush tax cuts still pay their taxes under the old schedule? Or do they pay the reduced rates as per the tax cuts?

Legislators, who may have coverage as a benefit of their employment, do not have any obligation to support mandatory health insurance for their constituents.