Saturday, December 18, 2010

Welcome to the Neighborhood

Another tasty new blog has emerged in the High Country, conducted by a frequent poster on WataugaWatch, Dr. Matthew Robinson, professor of government and justice studies at Appalachian State University.

He takes his blog name from the title of his forthcoming book on the way national media plays with crime and criminals for the amusement of their sensation-addicted consumers.

Dr. Robinson, we hope that you're ready for the vandals that inhabit this neighborhood and the trolls that dwell under every bridge to the future. "Anonymous" has all the bravery and social grace that his/her name implies.


Rubashov said...

Perhaps someone who's been here longer could comment on whether there other blogs that cover local politics?

Mike D. said...


In the right-hand column (you will need to scroll down the page to the end of the archives), J.W. provides a list of suggested links, some of them to other local, political blogs. Cheers!

Matt Robinson said...

Thanks JW. My blog will be all about issues and themes from the book, which has a web site here:

And the book can be bought here:


My blog is about crime and criminal justice rather than politics. But occasionally you'll something political on there (or perceived as political by some even when not meant to be, I am sure).

All are welcome (and hopefully anonymous will at least identify himself if he comes over!).