Monday, December 06, 2010

Face Palm

We'll be in this posture for days, probably, over the gutless wonders in Washington, starting with Mr. President.

Wonder who they think will work for them now. Or even vote for them?


The People Have Spoken said...

Wonder if this is how Williamson looks after the new commissioners were sworn in yesterday.

Henery said...

Here's another facepalm comment and all the evidence I need to remind me why these conservatives are the poison in the American well:

" And why exactly is the State involved in the business of education in the first place? Republicans need to grow a backbone. Eliminate public education entirely, or risk losing votes to the Libertarian Party in 2012. Nowhere’s in the Constitution does it say that the government has the right to put a gun to my head, and fund some other person’s education. I have no kids. I chose not to have kids. Why should I be taxed for others who send their kids to public schools?"

There you have it! All for me, none for you and your smelly kids! (I found this on the comment thread at Progressive Pulse:

Brushfire said...

Why don't conservatives ever read the constitution they claim to revere? In two places in this remarkably short document, the government is mandated to promote the general welfare. If education and health don't constitute the general welfare, what does?

Henery said...

The conservative comment I posted above came from another liberal website, because the conservatives who compulsively post here -- except possibly for Mike D., who's literate and logical at least -- exhibit pure prejudice without the saving grace of grammar.

liberal truths said...

Glad to see you chose a liberal site. You could not find anything on a conservative one. It does wonders for your legitimacy.