Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Watauga County Commission 12/6/10

The chairmanship of the new Republican-dominated county commission was a done deal before the meeting got underway. New Republican commissioner Nathan Miller came in early, removed former chair Jim Deal's nameplate from the central spot, and slid his own nameplate into the holder. Then he sat in the chair's chair. So there. It was a mere formality when eventually, after the meeting started, Commissioner Vince Gable nominated Miller as chair, and the vote was unanimous.

One might have thought that Commissioner David Blust would be a contender, since he out-ranks the other two Republicans with prior experience on the commission. Blust seemed more than just subdued. He was glum. The fix was in. At least Blust got Vice Chair as the consolation prize.

Otherwise, with two remaining Democrats on the board, we would describe the continuing business of county government as a "steady state." All votes were unanimous, including (rather amazingly) the vote to accept the report on "Agricultural Development and Farmland Preservation," which includes such non-Republican features as a recommended ordinance for preserving farmland ... not that the commissioners were anywhere close to adopting an ordinance, but still. Mr. Blust was silent. He went along with the vote.


Ha Ha Ha said...

Of course the report was accepted as it has to be payed for (another example of wasted money). That doesn't mean the flawed document will be used for anything.

2012 IS Coming said...

Not sure I understand the point?
You had to know that the 3 Republicans were going to vote for a Republican Chair. The two Dems aren't going to be elected to the chair. Are you upset because Blust wasn't selected?

Either would have been acceptable in my book but I do note that Miller had the most votes in the election.