Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Pointing the Finger While Deflecting the Blame

Scott Nicholson's interview with Congresswoman Virginia Foxx is fun reading (Watauga Democrat, Dec. 24, not shared on-line). In answering Nicholson's question as to why she voted against the Obama tax bill extending the Bush tax cuts, she goes wide in the casting of blame but stops short of a full accounting. Who's responsible for this bad bill?

1. the White House

2. the president

3. Vice President Joe Biden and Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell

Where's John Boehner on Foxx's list of culprits? And the rest of the senior Republican leadership in the House, who whipped their members to vote for the bill?


BRockBlue said...

Is there anything that motivates Virginia Foxx aside from her love of the mega-rich and her sheer hate for the common people of this country? And the truly poor? Screw 'em!!

To answer brblue's question said...

Maybe representing her constituents as they elected her with a two out of three majority.

BikerBard said...

Nonsence! Most of her supporters have no other knowledge of her voting record other than knowing she votes, "No." That, and the fact she is a Repub is all they need to know. These are NOT an informed electorate (but that's fine by Foxx.)

Irrefuttable said...

Two out of three voters disagree with you Bard. She keeps getting reelected by a larger majority every time.

FOXX FANN said...

Foxx is a consistant winner in her District and carries at least 3/4 of the precincts in Watauga County.

She doesn't usually carry the precincts which contain the majority of student housing.....and, of course will not get many votes from the watauga watch wackos....BUT, in this country, we elect our representative by a majority. Even if the wackos think that they know best, it's the majority that rules when it comes time to elect a congressperson.

Virginia knows who is keeping her in office and she knows we vote for her because she represents us in the way we want to be represented.

(how's that Billy Kennedy thing working out for you guys?)

BikerBard said...

Ever hear "people get what they deserve?"

You deserve Foxx.