Monday, December 06, 2010

GOP Priorities

Winston-Salem Journal editorial this a.m. scolds the new Republican majority in the General Assembly for dodging tax reform.

Not a peep about the new Republican majority's betrayal of their previous advocacy for an independent redistricting commission. Nor any word about the new Republican majority's announced plan to make voting more difficult as their top legislative priority.


Anonymous said...

Screw an "independent commission"!

Time we gave the dems what they have given us these past 100 years.

Brushfire said...

So Anon - Did you learn that in church, or did your mother teach you that? With that kind of tribal mentality we will be doing as well as Afghanistan before much longer.

Opinionated said...

And again I point out - the local Democratic Party has been pushing for an Independent Redistricting Commission for years. Nobody listened at the state Party level....ever.