Thursday, December 02, 2010

Just a Smidge More Extreme

Chris Cooper and Gibbs Knotts, a couple of political science professors at Western Carolina University, have started a blog for "Non-Partisan Analysis of Politics and Policy in North Carolina." Yesterday Cooper, using conservative/liberal "nominate" scoring developed by Appalachian State University poly sci prof. Phillip Ardoin to predict the partisan behavior of the newly elected NC Senate, came to this conclusion:
The bottom line here is that we will not be seeing a more moderate leadership in the next legislative session and if anything, the leadership will be slightly more ideologically extreme than it was before.

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brotherdoc said...

"slightly more ideologically extreme"--than the Democratic leadership has been? And how extreme has that been? I am trying to remember any socialistic, ultra radical leaders we have had recently? When NC has been voted as one of the top 2 or 2 pro-business states in the country? I am sure some of you TPers who like to post here will enlighten me.