Saturday, October 11, 2008

Virginia Foxx, Still Dodging Accountability

Fifth Dist. Congresswoman Virginia Foxx released her full "debate schedule." One is a whole hour at an Ashe County middle school during the middle of the day, and the second is for 30 minutes on Triad Today hosted by her buddy, conservative columnist Jim Longworth.

One very obvious thing wrong with this schedule of severe heavy-lifting: neither venue will allow any questions from regular citizens, and they are obviously designed to be anything BUT debates. One not so obvious thing wrong: Foxx released this schedule without bothering to seek and receive the cooperation of her opponent, Coach Roy Carter. According to Carter campaign manager Ryan Eller, the Foxx people have NEVER contacted the Carter campaign about these so-called "debates."

Carter counter-proposed a series of town-hall meetings across the district, wrote a letter to Foxx inviting her to participate in any or all of them, and hand-delivered the letter to Foxx's Boone office on Thursday.

Foxx's aide Todd Poole answered Carter's proposal in a pouting letter, saying that a member of Congress has just too many important obligations to show up (where regular citizens might ask her questions). Ryan Eller countered that since Congress is in recess, Foxx ought to be freed up sufficiently to demonstrate the barest commitment to an open discusssion of issues and her voting record.

Foxx deserves a lesson in democracy. And maybe she thinks it's coming, considering the way she's now raising money. She told one woman who is now supporting Carter, "I'm really scared. My polling is telling me that this election is going to be close, and I need all of the last minute help I can get."

Poor-mouthing, a Virginia Foxx speciality.

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